Hello, I’m Bert Starzer, aka BnATL. Welcome to my personal website. Feel free to connect with me through my Social links and please stop by my Amazon authors page to learn more or if you’d like to purchase any of my three books. Links to all of my passions are below so please; Subscribe, Like, Follow and Listen but more than anything, thank you for visiting!

Amazon Author Page -> Official Amazon Author Page Central

Business Website ->> Hope Distribution Studios, LLC

Podcast -> -> Official BnATL/HDS Podcast on Spreaker

Hershey the Hound of Hope Facebook page -> Official Hershey the Hound of Hope Facebook Page

The Essence of a God Decision (Discovering A New Life Path) ->> Purchase Latest eBook – The Essence of a God Decision

Hello everyone, now that you’ve been overwhelmed by the various links above please allow me to introduce myself. I’m a writer, author, blogger, pod-caster, graphic designer, photographer, AutoCAD technician, and animal lover. However, before any of the a fore mentioned titles I’d say that I receive my entire identity as a follower of my Lord and Savior HaMashiach Yeshua, which is Hebrew for Jesus the Messiah. My desire, through all that I do, is to share the incredible love that the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has for everyone, as well as how much He desires all of humanity to inherit eternal life through Yeshua/Jesus, His One and Only Son.

Through my life’s journey our Heavenly Father has allowed me to care for some amazing pets. He’s often taught me valuable life lessons through them and Hershey, a sweet beagle that my wife and I had for 14 years, was one such blessing. She was my inspiration for ‘Hershey the Hound of Hope’ which is a children’s book series that’s been nominated twice by the Georgia Writers Association for Georgia Author of the Year 2014 and 2015. If you’d like to purchase a signed copy please contact me through the form below. Please include Signed Book in the subject line.

Thank you very much for taking the time to visit the BnATL site. I look forward to connecting with you soon. Take care and may God richly bless you in all of your endeavors.

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