God, me and my dog

Hey, are you smiling with me or at me? Either way, I love a smile when I see one!

I’m a proud dog owner.  You have probably seen me in the park walking my cute little blonde mutt and you probably get annoyed when you step in poop but please note I ALWAYS scoop the poop from my pup.  I, unlike many of you, was not blessed to have children, so I pay for my sins through the misdeeds of my pups.  Which made me think today, sometimes I can see how God deals with me in the same way I deal with my pup.  There are those times, although not many, that my pup will either disobey or not listen and during those times I am sometimes forced to ignore him for discipline.  But after a short period of time I love on him and pet him and welcome him back to me. God in so many ways is the same with me. I disobey Him and for a time He ignores me, but eventualy He welcomes me back to Him with open arms. I am thankful for that, because let me tell you, I probably deserve to be in the dog house instead of at the masters table.  That is the kind of God he is however always willing to give a second chance to anyone willing to come to Him. I know that is pretty deep and just think it all came from thinking about my dog.

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