Fantasy Football Warmup – Your Picks

Well ladies and gentlemen it is finally here!  The start of training camp for the NFL and if Hank Williams Jr. was in the room right now I would want to hear him say those 6 sweet words that are music to my ears, “Are you ready for some football?” and the answer is a resounding YES I AM!!!!!

One year after the lockout teams are gathering to see who has what it takes to make an NFL roster.  Head coaches, coordinators, position coaches and even general managers are getting together to see what players fit their schemes, what players are best suited as backups and which players will be let go. It is a very exciting time for all teams and for all fans.  Fans finally get a chance to see their teams 2012 draft picks up close and personal and see if they can live up to expectations.  It is a chance to start anew for some veteran players and a chance to see where their place will be when the season starts.

But as I write this today I want to address the rabid fan out there as well as the fantasy geeks.  I would like to pose a question and hopefully I can get a few of you to participate.  I am wondering if you have what it takes to be a General Manager of a NFL franchise.  Now don’t worry this is not going to be some competition like American Ninja Warrior but I am wondering who can be the most creative when it comes to an NFL roster.  The question I am posing is this: If you were the general manager of a new NFL franchise and you had the opportunity to pick the best position players in the league today who would you pick?  Now, I am not going to ask you to fill a 52 man roster, just pick a Quarterback, Running back, Left Tackle, and Wide Receiver  for your offensive players and for your defense just pick a NFL defense that you would style your defense after.  I know this is basically fantasy 101 but come on it’s nice to dream about being a general manager and having the best players play for you isn’t it? So let me know who your choices are as we gear up for the 2012 NFL season.  To open it up, here are the players I would choose to build my franchise:

Quarterback – Aaron Rodgers

Running Back – Arian Foster

Left Tackle – Jake Long

Wide Receiver – Julio Jones

Defense – Houston Texans

Ok, there you have my picks, now let me see yours.  Oh, and welcome to the 2012 NFL Season! I’m sure as hell ready for some football!

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