Inspiration – A divine influence or action on a person believed to qualify him or her to receive and communicate sacred revelation.

 If you are familiar with some of my blogs you will notice that I am somewhat obsessed with vocabulary.  Not that my vocabulary is vast but I believe that if we are going to place labels on ourselves or on others then those labels need to be accurate.  No matter how many times we try to run from labels or titles somehow we eventually come back to them, I am a this, or I am a that, so if we are going to label ourselves just make sure the definition of that label or title is accurate.

All that aside, I have been feeling rather inspired lately and I feel that it is a good time to give credit where credit is due.  I have truly been inspired by all the blogs I have been reading lately.  There is so much passion being exuded by so many really wonderful bloggers.  Passion as it relates to political issues, personal issues, poetry and verse just a huge wealth of passion flowing through so many talented writers and honestly it pushes me and motivates me to become more creative in my thinking and in my writing. So to all those I follow on Twitter and to those bloggers I spend nights reading thank you for the inspiration. But as much as I would like to stop there with a great thank you, I can’t because the person who truly inspired probably doesn’t even know it, well until I post this and email him a copy.

I have only been truly inspired by 2 people in my life when it comes to education.  My high school English teacher Coach Lowe was the first.  He was the first teacher that saw past the struggling student who couldn’t hold his attention in class and whose reading level was 3 grades lower then it should have been and saw that there was potential inside of him.  He encouraged me and pushed me when it came to writing poetry and when it came to looking deeper within the great works of the poet Walt Whitman and the plays of Tennessee Williams. He encouraged me and pushed me when it came to my own writing regarding character development and it was because of him that at one point I was going to be a high school English teacher.  It is because of him I majored in English and graduated with an BA from Georgia State. His inspiration on my life has left an imprint that for good or bad will always be there and I am very thankful for him. The second teacher that inspired me is Mr. Clarke my Cisco instructor at Gwinnett Technical College.

The year of 2011-2012 has been the year of IT for me and I set out to become certified to work in the IT field.  In order to get into the Cisco program since I had been out of school for so long I had to pass the Net Plus exam and become certified.  That was no small task especially for someone who has never been able to sit through a single technical text book, but since the A.D.D. diagnosis and the meds it is easier for me to focus, so I studied and I passed.  My first semester I was unfortunate enough to NOT have Mr. Clarke as my instructor and honestly I wish I had had him as my instructor because going to class that first semester was painful.  When it was time to register for the second semester I made sure that I registered early and I got a spot in his class.  I was very glad that I did because from the time I sat down in my seat at the beginning of the second semester till my final day in his class I was motivated but more importantly I was inspired.

You see, I truly believe that with in each person there is a gift and so many times that gift gets pushed down because of life circumstances or from our own feelings of insecurity or hurts that have occurred in our lives.  There are times however, not many mind you, but there are those times when someone will cross our path and inspire us and water that gift and feed that desire and when that occurs it is at that time we need to take ownership of that gift and just ride the wave of creativity and see where it takes us.  I’m sure upon reading this Mr. Clarke will remember me as the shy guy in the second row who never spoke through a semester and a half.  In fact it wasn’t until the final semester when the class had dwindled down to 7 students that he probably realized I actually had a voice.  But every day he came to class and expected excellence out of his students.  Pushing us to read, pushing us to learn and encouraging us with his life lessons.  What I find humorous is he is only one year older then I am but he is much wiser and honestly wisdom and life experience has no age limit.  You can always learn something from anyone of any age you just have to be willing to listen.

As odd as this may sound Mr. Clarke did motivate me to learn Cisco, but more then that, he motivated me to push myself.  To not be afraid and to just step out there and be myself, to take chances because even when you fall the most important thing you can do is get up, dust yourself off and move forward, falling is not the same as failing.  Failure comes from not trying wisdom comes from falling, getting back up and moving forward.  I know he didn’t intend to teach life lessons when he addressed his students but I am glad that he spent time on life lessons because there is so much to be gleaned from them.

I passed the final semester by the skin of my teeth.  Honestly it was the toughest year I have ever been through academically.  It was more reading and home work then I have ever had in my entire life but it was all worth it.  It was worth it because I had Mr. Clarke as my teacher.  I have no idea if I am going to take the CCNA certification test, I imagine I will at some point, right now I am just trying to decompress, (I can see Mr. Clarke smile as I say that), in fact I don’t know how long I will write my blog, I do tend to jump around allot but that is just my nature.  I do know this however, I have been inspired.  Someone took the time to push me, to share their life experiences with me and for that I am grateful. So always be aware that in every thing you do and every thing you are, whether you are a parent, an aunt or an uncle, a niece or a nephew, a teacher, a blogger, a tweeter, a student of life or even a business professional always remember this fact, you do have influence on those around you and you never know the inspiration that you will leave on someone else’s life.

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