Just so you know I am a Southern man, born and raised in the great city of Atlanta in the state of Georgia.  However, I hate sweet potatoes with a passion that only rivals my passion for my beloved football team the Falcons.  Yes, I said hate, I know hate is a strong term and if you glance back a couple blogs ago I explain the definition of hate with great detail so trust me when I say I hate sweet potatoes, I HATE SWEET POTATOES.  It is from those very same nasty orange spuds that I actually, pardon the pun, first tasted the sweet taste of freedom.

My parents come from a generation that didn’t grow up with all the choices we have today.  In fact they both come from very humble beginnings to put it nicely.  So when meals were prepared it was expected for everyone to eat what was on their plate and not waste any food.  This was not that hard because my mom is a fine southern cook, most of the time I would oblige her even though it took me several hours to eat, I was a very picky eater as a child and a very slow eater as well, but on certain occasions it took me an extra extra long time to finish my supper.  Those were the times when she would prepare sweet potatoes.  I have no idea how the conversation came up but some how I was able to voice my hatred for the nasty orange spud and for some reason my parents decided to have mercy on me.  I also imagine the fact that it took me hours to get the evil orange spud down meant longer hours for them in the kitchen.  So by freeing me from eating them they freed themselves from having to wait so long to close the kitchen.   It was a win win for everyone.  Since that first day of freedom from my arch nemesis I have never looked back.  I have never eaten a sweet potato nor will I ever.

Freedom as defined by Merriam-Webster is the quality or state of being free.  Definition 1c of the word Free is: enjoying political independence or freedom from outside domination. Definition 1d says to be free is: enjoying personal freedom not subject to the control or domination of another.   On August 13, 2012 an Executive Order (EO) was signed by the President of the United States of America that gives the Department of Homeland Security the right to take over the internet (both public and private domains) if circumstances or a situation arises in which they see there is a necessity to do so.  Excuse me? If it had not been for listening to AM radio talk show hosts I would have never known about this.  There was no coverage of it on the news at all.  Where is the out cry?

We have been bombarded by news of vice presidential running mates and worries of over seas financial markets and I assume this has been enough distraction that the president felt he could get this done without any fuss from any free speech groups and it looks like he has succeeded.  Now I know some will say, “well we need to have that kind of policy in case something goes on”, my answer to that is really?  I guess you can tell that to the Egyptian people who were being killed by their government and the government decided to conveniently pull the plug on all internet service in the country.  If it had not been for Twitter no one would have been able to know the atrocities that were being committed against the people of Egypt by their government.

Government has no place controlling the internet.  Patrolling is one thing, controlling is something completely different.  I am talking about the power of controlling.  To control is to have power over, regulate.  So, if one day the government decides You tube has become too offensive and decides to shut it down is that the time we are going to rise up and take back our freedom?  What if you wake up in the morning and go to check your Twitter feed and see a blank page, or a not accessible domain message and find out later that the government has deemed Twitter dangerous, a breeding ground for “hate speech” is that when we will rise up and say enough is enough?  Well if that is the case then you might as well throw away your freedom of speech now because if we wait any longer the time will be too late.  We have to act now.  Now is the time that our elected officials need to know that we do not want government control over any of the internet.  This is not a matter of political party this is about freedom and the right to freely post, blog, tweet, friend, skype or do what ever the hell you want to do on the internet and have the freedom to do it with out fear that the government might deem it offensive and decide to shut you down.  So I plead to you, please contact your elected official, contact your congressional representative, write a letter to the President and tell him this can not stand.  We the people will not allow our rights to be trampled on by any branch of the government.  If you are voting against the president, please write candidates Romney and Ryan and tell them this can not stand.  We will hold our elected officials accountable and we will not allow the Constitution or the Bill of Rights to be treaded upon by any of them.  They work for us. It is our vote that puts them in office; it is our hard earned tax dollars that pay their salaries and feed their families.  It is our government, for the people by the people.  Our time is now.

You know I will never forget when I first tasted my freedom.  I know there are many others who could tell much more significant stories about their fights for freedom much more significant then freedom from sweet potatoes.  Those who fought for civil rights and equality, those who bleed and die protecting our nation, believing the words of our national anthem “the land of the free and the home of the brave”.  Has it all been in vain?  Has the fight for our freedom all been in vain?  Have we turned full circle as a nation that in the beginning fled from tyranny and governmental control and now we have allowed our own government the power to shut down the only free method of communication and expression?  Did we fall asleep watching too much reality tv and become more concerned with what the Kardashians were doing then the laws our government was passing behind closed doors?  It seems we have been asleep for too long.  But there is still time, it is not too late to take it back, but we can’t wait any longer.  It is our time.  Hate is a strong word and I don’t use it often but there are truly two things that I hate: sweet potatoes and a government that impedes my freedoms.  Please stand with me and let’s take back our freedoms before it truly is too late.  I won’t hold it against you if you like sweet potatoes, besides, the last time I checked it is still America and we STILL have Freedom of Choice.  God Bless.

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