I’m Waving at You

When I first started my blog I originally wanted to write about the Atlanta Falcons, my favorite football team.  I also wanted to incorporate some comedy into my blog as well but you know what I quickly realized, I’m really not that funny.  No seriously, I come up with some good one liners every now and then and if you follow me on Twitter (@BnATL) I assure you at least once a month I will make you laugh.  If not, go ahead and tweet me and tell me to lighten up because that is exactly what I need to do.

In fact I think it’s something we all need to do, lighten up.  We are so serious lately.  We have become fearful and angry with one another and it seems that we have forgotten how to be civil.  When we go out to exercise instead of greeting any one we just “unplug” and do our thing.  When we go shopping and we are checking out we don’t take time to exchange pleasantries with one another or even the cashier because we are consumed with our smart phones.  We don’t take the time to even say, “Hey, how are you doing?”  or to tell someone “I hope you have a nice day”.  These seem like trivial phrases, but they are actually very powerful.  They are little things that can lift a persons spirit even on the worst of days.

I have a confession to make, I am a waver.  Yep, I am coming out America!  I am a waver and I am proud of it.  I am that obnoxious guy who walks his dog (always picking up his dog’s poop mind you), and waves while also saying hello or good morning to everyone he passes.  I do this every time and every place I walk.  I just can’t help myself.  I am a waver.  I used to not be, but you know what I have come to learn?  It feels really good.  I love to see people smile as I wave at them.  When I see someone smile back at me it makes me feel, well, all happy inside and it is that feeling of happiness that is so addictive for me.  I also love the reactions I get as people pass.

There are some people who wave back and are very enthusiastic and that always puts a smile on my face.  Then there are some who look at me like, “Ok? Who is that weirdo and why is he waving at me?”  as they get closer they find themselves beginning to wave back and they have a look in their eyes saying, “ok, I’ll wave back.  I really don’t know who that nut is but I’ll wave back.”  And then there are some who just ignore me but regardless if they ignore me or not, I still wave at them.  Now, does it hurt when someone doesn’t wave back, of course it does.  It makes me even feel a little stupid.  There I am, my hand flailing in the air mouthing hello as they drive by, and they sit there staring straight ahead with the look, “ok, if I don’t look he won’t see me”. Well guess what?  I see you and its ok.  This is America and if you don’t want to wave it is ok.  But it still hurts not having them wave back, but you know what?  It would hurt even worse if I didn’t wave at all.  I would rather wave and not be waved at then to not wave at all.  To wave or not to wave!  That is no freaking question because actually there is no NOT, there is only must, I must wave.  When I wave and see others smile and wave back, it makes me happy.

It really comes down to only one thing for me and that is being happy.  I want to be happy.  I want others to share in my happiness and I want to do something to make them laugh and feel happy as well.  You know what I enjoy doing?  This is a little sadistic and kind of secret but I want to share it with you because it’s always good for a laugh.  When I’m out walking and I see someone in a very serious mood, I can tell this because they have their force field up around them and it’s screaming “leave me the hell alone”, right as they are getting ready to pass I give them the trifecta, which consists of a big smile, a wave and either hello or a good morning greeting.  I usually get the “WTF?” look which in turn just makes me want to LOL literally.  I amuse myself with this little stunt, but you know what?  I find more often than not, the WTF look usually turns into a smile and that makes it all worth while.  Try it sometime if want to make yourself feel better or just do it to annoy someone either way I promise you both will probably end up smiling in the end and that is always a win win.

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