My 2013 Atlanta Falcons Draft Rant


OK, we are knee deep into the 2013 NFL draft and honestly after looking at the draft board and seeing what the Atlanta Falcons have done so far I really felt I needed some therapy.  So here I am sitting with you, those of you who are willing to listen to my rant.  

Ever since Thomas Dimitroff has been the General Manager of the Atlanta Falcons he has created the m.o. of a mover and shaker when it comes to the draft.  Now while I agree there are times in which you have to be aggressive, especially when there is a talent such as Julio Jones, I don’t believe in a year where your needs out number your picks you have the luxury of trading away draft picks, especially in the first three rounds of the draft.

Prior to this year’s draft the Falcons needs were corner back, offensive line, defensive line, line backer and tight end.  Entering into this draft they had a total of 11 picks.  While most of the picks were in the 4th and 7th rounds this draft was one in which the Falcons needed every single pick.  In fact, I believe most Falcon fans were hoping they would trade out of the first round just so they could gather more picks to build depth on the team.  Instead, on day one Thomas Dimitroff trades up 8 spots for a corner back and forfeits their 3rd and 6th round picks.

While the story has not been written about Desmond Trufant CB out of Washington and Atlanta’s number one draft pick this year, let’s take a glimpse into the 3rd round and see who the Falcons forfeited an opportunity of selecting. Will Davis CB from Utah St., Brandon Williams DT 6’1” 335 pounds from Missouri Southern St., Sam Montgomery DE 6’3” 262 pounds from LSU.  All three were selected after the Falcons pick at 30 and all 3 in my opinion will be solid NFL players.  In fact, I believe both Williams and Montgomery will be starters and impact players.  As it stands right now the Falcons are dangerously thin in depth on the defensive and offensive lines and when you look at what their opponents in the NFC South have done in the draft, I believe Matt Ryan will probably be getting his agent to iron out that contract sooner then later, because he may be staring down double digit sack numbers this season.

So what were some key additions to the Falcons opponents?  As of this post the Saints have added Kenny Vaccaro SS from Texas and BIG John Jenkins from Georgia who is 6’4” 346 and will see Matty Ice twice.  The Carolina Panthers have added top DT Star Lotulelei 6’2” 311, and Kawann Short DT 6’3” 299 and both seem hungry for some Dirty Bird QB. And finally Tampa Bay has added Jonathan Banks CB 6’2” 185, Akeem Spence DT 6’1” 307, and William Gholston DE 6’6” 281, and lets not forget Darrell Revis who is a shut down corner.  All seem equally hungry for some dirty bird QB as well.

Now granted my beloved Falcons haven’t even had their first training camp and already it might seem I’m throwing in the towel.  That’s NOT the case at all!  When it comes to football there is one immeasurable when it comes to players and that is coaching and I believe in this coaching staff.  I believe that Mike Smith, Mike Nolan and Dirk Koetter will get the most out of the players that make this year’s team.  My greatest concern is fielding a team that lacks the depth necessary to reach the illusive Lombardi Trophy.

The Falcons were 10 yards away from reaching the Super Bowl this year, 10 yards, and that has left them even hungrier than before.  So hungry in fact that I believe they may have lost touch with the reality of all the glaring holes they needed to fill and believed one player was going to put them over the top.  I want to be clear, in no way do I doubt Mr. Trufant will be a good addition for my team, however, in a year in which you have put all your eggs in one basket, I would think you’d make sure that the basket was well reinforced so you don’t lose what you have worked so hard to build, a fan base that loves them and finally believes and a team capable of WINNING a Super Bowl.

Thank you for listening, I feel so much better now, lol!!

Regardless of what happens, come on Atlanta Falcons, RISE UP!!

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