A Poem: Journey Of A Soul


The light appears and breath I take, for within one breath I’m fully awake,

Days begin to pass as the tender soul grows, and knowledge is a treasure unlocked to fully explore,

Yet days of bright light begin to turn dim, as emotions, feelings and influences begin to seep in,

The day finally arrives as it pertains to all; a journey of exploration awaits the longing soul,

The path spread wide before me I eagerly take step, and begin to run head long toward all that await,

At first sight I believe to find love yet deceptive emotions prevail,

My soul is left with heart ache yet I journey onward with my will,

Chorus of youth and delight rain down and soak my wandering soul, as I pass through lonely times the memories do console,

Along this path as wide as my soul can see, it continues to wander almost endlessly, pointlessly, only desiring to be made whole,

What’s the point of this path, my soul loudly exclaims, I find neither comfort nor shelter nor mate only mirrors of myself again and again,

Time continues on and soon I find a mate, yet the path we walk still wide as sight and my soul’s loneliness I cannot debate,

Day in and day out the sun and moon remind me well; though carnal flesh does have its way my soul departs from logics sight to hide from loneliness gaze,

We walk a while my mate and I and happen upon a ridge, and as we stand gazing down the path a small wind blows and awakes my soul, and my senses finally no longer dull,

Did you feel the wind, my soul exclaims, No your mad, my mate exclaims, you’re stupid and mad now let’s continue down this path,

I felt the wind it touched my soul, I exclaim as I search for the source which I yet not know,

It blows again, my soul erupts, I see the path and believe I can find the source will you come with me the path looks rough and course,

My mate pulls back, No you are now on your own, I shall continue on this path which is wide and I can see, why should I journey down that with you, a route which is unknown to me, our journey ends now, you are now dead to me,

Alone and broken hearted my soul carries on, veering from the great path to walk on a much smaller one,

Roots from great trees flow along the rough path, I stumble and fall yet the wind will never let me collapse,

I walk and I run seeking this great source till the forest breaks wide and what should hinder my course,

There before me a great river flows, the purest of blue with a never ending source,

My soul falls beside the still waters and begins to drink deep, the water releases flavors of which I can’t repeat,

The first is of ash, as one rising from the earth, or perhaps it was my soul experiencing a second birth,

Second was just plain water, though more refreshing then the first, the third felt as warm as fire yet it never did burn,

Next to follow was the sweetest taste and it never did avail, my soul refreshed I found my feet and began walking this narrow trail,

Beside the water the path did wander yet never out of sight, and each time my soul thirst the sweetness remained often sweeter than the first,

I journey for years along the small trail my soul now completely made whole, it never took a compliment to make it whole, it didn’t even take a mate,

The water that flows for which my soul found has always been enough, yet today as I wandered a voice cried out, please help me I’m thirsty can someone please help me out,

The wind that once led me began pushing me across the path, through the forest it led me to here where I stand at last,

So to all who are thirsty, to all who are lonely, to all who are broken, battered and bruised,

To all who are weary; to all whose souls are left starving please lend me your ear,

I have found the path, I have tasted the water and I know it is good,

It’s not religion, nor philosophy; it’s neither math nor technology that will heal all of your woes,

Only a relationship with the One who calls you, the One who loves you, the One who always knows,

How much you are hurting, how lonely you are, how frightened your feeling, how unsure of this life you are,

All He asks is your love and acceptance of what’s already been done; accept this free gift and your journey to wholeness will have only just begun,

Four words is all it takes, Four words spoken from your soul, The four words are Please Save Me Jesus, and with those four words you will be made whole.

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