Atheist Have Rights Too

Hello everyone!! I hope everything is well with all of you. It’s not very often that I take time out to express frustration or disappointment with events I see occurring in our society, because honestly I’d much rather focus on sharing hope with those in need of it. That said, it seems as though there has been an onslaught of anti-God, anti-Christian sentiment occurring. I want to preface this by saying when it comes to freedom of speech I am completely for it. If you are an atheist and you want to tell the world, be my guest. You should have the right to be able to stand up and shout in the middle of the town square at the top of your lungs that you don’t believe in God. Conversely, I believe you should also respect the rights of those who do believe in God. If I want to go into the middle of the town square and shout, “Jesus is LORD of ALL!!!” I would hope that all atheist’s would support me, because after all, we are both merely exercising our freedom of speech, correct? If that were merely the case in 2013 American society I wouldn’t be spending my time writing this personal blog.

Since we are still operating under the premise that We ALL have freedom of speech, allow me to share my opinion on the matter. Earlier this year a group of atheists protested against a monument of the Ten commandments and eventually were allowed to place their own monument next to it. In short I felt, good for them, and why not. If atheist’s wish to create monuments dedicated to their lack of belief then they should be allowed. Unfortunately, it has become increasingly clear that this goes much deeper than merely wanting to express oneself. It has become clear that this is about silencing those who have a belief in God and more specifically those who believe Jesus Christ is God. It has become about silencing all people of faith. So why the need to shut up people of faith? My personal opinion is it’s all because of fear.

Yep, atheists are afraid. Afraid of what you ask? Afraid that one day they will finally realize they are people of faith as well. Did that get your attention? Now, so we are clear and speaking the same language, the definition of FAITH per Merriam Webster is “A firm belief in something for which there is no proof”. The reason I wanted to bring up the definition of faith is I HATE word play. When I’m writing or when I’m reading, I appreciate knowing the author and I are on the same page. So are we clear? Good.

So, not long ago well known atheist and renown evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins was interviewed on the John Stewart show. When asked how “IT” all began Mr. Dawkins said, “4 billion years ago, maybe a little less, the first self replicating molecule came into existence, think of it as the first gene, it’s hardly life but it provides the BEDROCK for natural selection to get going.” He later says, “There is no EVIDENCE of that (the very first self replicating molecule) it happened a very very long time ago.” So by his own words he says he has faith, right? RIGHT! He does have faith. He has to have faith because there is NO EVIDENCE. Look, as I stated earlier, if you want to proclaim your atheism please be my guest, but please stop the attacks against people of faith, since you are one of us as well.

In all honesty, it has to be much more difficult to be an atheist than it does a follower of Christ. For the simple reason, at least as a follower of God I am being honest and open with myself and others about my faith and who I have my faith in where as an atheist, one would have to live in constant denial. Fighting and struggling every single day with a heart and mind that knows they have faith in something, even if it is a concept, yet every day they have to deny logic in order to continue living a rouse. I mean wouldn’t it just be easier to come out and say, Yes, I am an atheist and I have faith there is no God. It seems that would be easier than committing intellectual suicide every single day.

If you really want to be honest both require faith don’t they? No one can say they have seen God or touched God, except those who experienced Him. I once heard it asked, “Can you show me the wind? I can see the affects of the wind, but I can’t physically see the wind.” I want to share something personal with you. At one time I wanted to believe there was no God. I wanted to believe that my intellect and my rules were there own god, that I was my own god. I realized however that there are consequences for our decisions and choices. I learned the more I trusted my own judgment on matters regarding relationships, work, life, the more pain and the more disappoint I felt. The heartache never comes all at once. It happens a little at a time. There were days my life felt so empty, even when it should have felt completely full and joyful. That’s when I knew I wasn’t being honest with myself. I knew there was someone greater than me. So, I delved deeper, not into religion, because honestly I hate religion, but I wanted to know who this was that seemed to be wanting my heart and mind. What I discovered is there is a God. I discovered a God that is so in love with me, He didn’t give up on me just because I gave up on Him. I discovered a God who demonstrated His love for me by dieing for me. You see even when I hated Him, He loved me. Even when I was wanting to deny Him, He never denied me. While I was His enemy, He loved me enough to die in my place. I often wonder who would want to die for me? The simple answer, God died for me. Jesus came to this earth, not only to share the teachings of God, but to demonstrate how we are to live, and even more, He became the sacrifice for all man kind. Through His birth, life, death, burial and resurrection I can have a personal relationship with the creator and lover of my soul. See, God is love. And no greater love has anyone than this, that a man will lay down his life for his brother. You see as a follower of Jesus there aren’t ten rules I live by, in fact there are only two, Love God with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and love your neighbor as yourself. It is all about love. Yet the only way to be able to experience and share this love is through FAITH in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. So, is this argument society is having truly about the right to free speech and expression? Or is it about silencing those with faith? I personally believe it’s aimed to silence those with faith. My next question for you is this, since we are all people of faith, regardless of what it’s in, if I, being a follower of Jesus, soon become silenced because of my faith, how much longer do you believe it will be before you are silenced as well?

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