An Apology To Atheists

Atheists I would like to share a word with all of you. There is something that has been laid upon my heart and I believe the message is especially for you. As a follower of Christ I want to tell you I am sorry if you have suffered from the judgment of others. If you have in any way been judged because of your beliefs I want to apologize. You have done nothing to deserve the wrath of judgment from others who call themselves Christians. By merely owning an opinion it in no way merits any judgment or accusations or slanderous speech to be thrown at you. I apologize to all who have suffered wrongly for merely owning an opinion. Living in this country affords you the freedom to believe and the freedom to express your beliefs regardless of how unpopular they might be with other groups. So, for all the judgment that you have suffered I want to say I’m sorry. Not that I personally have thrown insults or judgments your way, but it hurts me that you have been judged by those who call themselves Christians in stead of being loved.

This week God has been laying things upon my heart regarding you, atheists. Yep, regarding you. Though you don’t want to confess your belief in Him, is not a prerequisite for Him to care about you or want to communicate with you. And why would He want to communicate with all of the professed atheists? He loves you. You see, it has never been the job of the church to tell you what you should believe. In fact it has never been the job of any congregation, priest, pope, denomination or sect to tell you how you should live your life. That has never been the job of the church. But the church at some point decided to begin portraying the moral compass for society and the harder they pushed the rules and regulations they felt were in the best interest of society, they instead pushed you away and alienated you from your loving God. A few questions I have for the atheists are, how many of you once attended a church? How many of you have parents who profess to be Christians or have a belief in a higher power? How many of you decided to run as fast and as far away from the church when their rules and judgments began to weigh you down and make you feel as though your life didn’t matter? That no matter how hard you would try there was no way you were going to be able to live by their rules. How many of you were hurt, called names, or degraded by someone who went to church or called themselves a Christian? How many of you, if you are an adult, still walk around with those same hurt feelings that you suffered as a kid? If that is you, if you fall into any category I just mentioned then this is for you. Not for your ears alone, this message is for your soul, this message is for your heart, this message is meant for the deepest wounds that you have ever suffered and for the deepest wounds you still carry around with you today. And it begins like this:

I’m sorry. I’m so sorry that you have suffered so much. The idea of your broken heart breaks my own. See, God loves you. He loves you with a love so passionate that His only desire is to pursue you regardless of your feelings about Him. He never intended anyone to tell you how to live your life, that decision, all of your life decisions were supposed to be made in secrete and in conversations with Him. Only He has the right to tell you how He desires you to live your life. Only He has the right to address you when you strayed from His path. His love, His direction is not judgment. He is not judging you, trust me He is not judging you. He is loving you, He is pursuing you. All He wants is for you to know Him to the depth He knows you. You want to believe He doesn’t exist, yet in those quiet moments when you are all alone and you sit in your room, or on a subway, or in a park, you feel Him. You know He’s there because you have felt Him touch places in your heart and in your soul that no one else could possibly have known even existed. Yet, when you constantly hear people of faith judge you all it does is cause you to fight more against His voice and fight to silence what He really wants to say to you. What do you think He would say to you if He were to speak with you?

Do you think He would recall all the bad decisions you think you have made? Do you think He would judge you the same way others have judged you and call you the same names others have called you? I believe I know what He would say to you, but are you willing to hear it? Or would you use the same judgment that others have used on you? What if you were to open your heart and hear what He had to say, what would He say to you?

I believe He would say: Hey, thank you for taking a moment out of your busy life to spend a few precious moments with Me. I’ve been watching you and calling your name and honestly I’m very grateful for this time with you. I want to tell you I love you. I love you more than you could ever know. I love you regardless of what you do. I don’t care if you are an A student. I don’t care if your addicted to cocaine. I don’t care if you are homeless or the C.E.O of a corporation, I love you for who you are. Do you hear me? I love you for just being you! There is nothing you could do that would ever stop me from loving you or cause me to love you more than I do right now. I love you unconditionally. From the beginning my one and only desire was for you to spend all of your time with me. That was my hope, that was my choice for you. But I wanted you to choose to be with me because of your love for me not because I forced you to stay. And you decided you wanted to be independent. Ever since the day you chose your own way over being in my presence I have desired the best for you and wanted you to be with me. But every time a new attempt was made to get you closer to me, in the end the rules became a god in themselves for you and your heart was never given to me. So, after pursuing you for centuries I saw there was no other choice but to send my one and only Son. Jesus Christ came to show you the way to know me, your Father in Heaven. Jesus came to share my heart, and to prove to you how much I love you. More than anything, He came and offered Himself as a blood sacrifice as payment for all of man kinds sins, once and for all. Now all that is left for you to do is to receive His gift.

There is no longer a ten step program to knowing God. All you have to say is, Jesus I receive your free gift. I know you died in my place and rose on the third day so I can have eternal life and a relationship with the Father. My heavenly Father. Please for give me of my sins and please fill my spirit with yours.

And that’s it. Jesus teachings were about love, compassion, freedom, charity, helping those in need. He didn’t care about weighing people down with rules and regulations. His only desire was to create a direct path between us and the Father who loves us more that we could ever know.  To set us free from the consequences of our bad choices and decisions by covering us with His grace.

So why have I taken time out of my day and life to share this with any and all who are willing to read it?  Because God’s love compels me. Because I know what it feels like to feel alone. I know what it feels like to believe no one cares about you. I also know that there is a God who is alive, and who is constantly pursuing everyone so they will know Him and they will know Jesus whom He sent. God is love. In Him is no darkness. In Him is freedom. In Him is grace. In Him is a peace that surpasses all understanding. In Him is forgiveness and healing and a new life that only He can offer. The offer is open, the choice is yours. Atheists, don’t allow anyone to steal the gift of God from you because of their judgments. The truth is there is a God. And He is seeking you. Don’t be afraid to be honest with your heart. His promise to you, you will never be rejected. True love and acceptance is awaiting all who are open in heart and who believe. True love is awaiting your choice.

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