The 2014 football season has officially ended for the Atlanta Falcons. This year 6-10 was all they could muster. Although it was 2 wins better than the 2013 season, it’s still far short of what the city of Atlanta has been hungry for, a SUPER BOWL WIN. So what now? Where do we go from here?

I hate to say this, but I told you so. Way back in 2012 I wrote an article titled “How Bright Is The Atlanta Falcons Future?”, and in that article I stated all of my concerns starting with the misses at the front rounds of the draft as well as mortgaging draft picks. Just so Atlanta Falcon fans KNOW what was given up for the selection of Julio Jones I’d like to present you with the players that COULD have been picked but weren’t in the first 3 rounds.

Round 1 Muhammad Wilkerson who has 23.5 sacks in his NFL career. Round 2 Justin Houston who has 48.5 sacks in his NFL career.

(Combined they’re ONLY 11 fewer than the ENTIRE FALCON DEFENSE.  From 2012-2014 Falcons had 83 total sacks. Houston and Wilkerson had 72 total sacks. WHAT?!)

Round 3 Jordan Cameron who was a 2013 Pro-Bowl tight end, and the list could go on and on but I’ll stop. Mainly because it just hurts as a Falcons fan to always see what could have been. Plus, living in the past never gets you any where, but we need to keep it as a reminder. A reminder of the poor decisions that the leaders of the franchise have made in the draft. It’s well chronicled that teams that win consistently win in the draft. Something the Falcons have not done. And news today on the 29th of December is Mr. Blank plans on hiring a new head coach and with him a new coaching staff. So, what will be the excuse next season if things don’t lead to a Super Bowl victory?

“Oh, um, we have to get acclimated to one another?”

“Um, our offense and defense had to learn a new scheme?”

Good gravy and roman statues people this is football not rocket science, even though the GM’s would like for you to think it’s a very delicate formula. Well, I have news for them, it’s NOT!  Here’s your formula for a good team. Pick guys who can play the game and who play hungry! Look for talent, pick talent and then perfect talent. BOOM, there it is!

I love the Atlanta Falcons, I truly do and I will be a fan no matter what their win loss record is at the end of the season, but what makes being a fan of the Falcons so frustrating is knowing what needs to be done and watching them time after time continue down the road that leads to no where. But who knows, maybe while heading down that road they’ll run into Jerry Jones, who seems after years and years of the win now attitude and drafting high profile players has finally started becoming wise in the draft, and learn from the errors of his ways. But until they can finally hit some home runs in the draft all I can say is please Falcons, please! Let’s get this right and make 2015 the year when the Dirty Bird nation will finally RISE UP!!

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