The Key to Greatness

Hello everyone! I hope this finds all of you doing exceptionally well. It’s been a while since my last blog post and allot has occurred since. I’m not going to rehash anything, however, I do feel there is a prevalent theme that is stirring within every American heart. In fact, it may not only be conditional to America but to others around the world. The theme I’m referring to is, what is the key to greatness?

Greatness is defined as “the quality of being great, distinguished, or eminent.” Many view it as being supreme, top of their field, or the best at whatever discipline they pursue. It should be noted that greatness is a quality. Meaning, it’s a distinguishing attribute that sets someone or something apart from all others.

The reason I call attention to it being an attribute is because greatness is not definitive when referring to the whole nature of someone. Essentially, no one can define greatness in totality. There are great leaders, teachers, athletes, carpenters, singers, actors and so forth. However, those same great leaders may not be great teachers. And those great singers may not be great athletes. Greatness is a quality that every individual possesses and yet only a few ever discover it. Why?

How does one become great? Does it have to do with wealth?
No. There are plenty of examples in which men and women who have lived in poverty have become great in one field or another, so wealth has no bearing on someone becoming great.

Does physical presence have anything to do with greatness?
No. Look at the men who play basketball in the NBA, most are well over six foot tall, and yet a small fraction will ever be great. In American football, the NFL, there are plenty of men who weigh over 200 pounds and stand over six foot tall, yet not all are great. In fact, only a very small percentage of them as well will ever be labeled as great even by their own piers. So, how does one become great?

Do you desire to be great at something? Of course you do. All of us desire to become great in some fashion. But what is the key? The key, is very simple in nature but very difficult to apply in order to achieve success.

The key to becoming great is… responsibility.

“Responsibility?” You ask.

Yes, responsibility.

Responsibility is the state or fact of being accountable. But who do we need to be accountable to? We need to hold ourselves accountable.

When we work, we should hold ourselves accountable and do our best without the need for someone to come behind us and tell us otherwise.

When we are at school, we should hold ourselves accountable and study, ask questions and do our best without someone constantly staying after us.

When we go out in public, we should always treat others with respect and courtesy regardless of their views, race or gender.

We are solely responsible for no one else other than ourselves. You are responsible for you and I’m responsible for me.

It’s not your job to make sure I get to work on time, is it?
It’s not your job to make sure I get straight A’s in school, is it?
It’s not your job to make sure I get enough sleep at night to be effective the next day, is it?
It’s not your job to pay my bills or expenses, is it?
You are responsible for you and I’m responsible for me.

Greatness is only achieved when we take ownership of our actions and stop making excuses. When we make excuses for our actions and words we are releasing ourselves from the consequences, whether good or bad, that follow.
Greatness will never be found in a soul that chooses to pour out excuses.
Greatness is found only in the souls of all who choose acceptance. Acceptance for every word spoken and deed done.

When we are born, each of us are given one right, the right to live. Life does not come with qualifications for greatness. Greatness is obtained by owning the life we are given.

So, the question at hand is; Do you want to be great? Well, do you?

Greatness is not obtained through the tearing down of others.
Greatness is not obtained through excuses or blaming others for where we are in life. Greatness is not obtained through day dreaming and wishing.
Greatness is not for the weak of heart.
Greatness is not for the follower.
Greatness is unobtainable to the faithless and fearful.
Greatness is calling everyone, but only a few will answer the call.

You can be great. You were created to become great. You are endowed with every element necessary to achieve greatness. There is no one, not a single soul, standing in your way to becoming great. No one, except you. Do you want to be great? Then every day when you awake say these words.

“I choose to own, today.
I own, today.
I am responsible for every word I speak.
I’m responsible for every action I take.
No one owns me. I am the boss of me.
I will not give in to fear.
I will not make excuses for my actions.
I shall pursue greatness with all my heart and not relent.
I will not bow to social pressures that may distract me from my quest.
I will not abuse others, crush others, or use others because greatness does not come to those who live selfishly.
Greatness only comes to those who give endlessly, tirelessly, and purposefully for no other reason but the love of mankind.
I am born to be great and I will accept no less.
Greatness awaits me and I choose to move toward it, starting with owning today.
I choose to own, today.
I take ownership of myself and this day.”

There are no secrets to achieving success in life. It all begins and ends with us and the choices we make while venturing through this life. Choose wisely my friend and God bless you in your adventure toward greatness.

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