A Father’s Heart Breaks

There’s a father who has a broken heart. He reaches out continually regardless of the pain. The pain that shoots through his chest and cuts unbearably deep is from a heart that is breaking for all the lost children tonight.

No one sees the tears he’s shed or the agony he’s faced, as he’s reached out to each lost child, only to be slapped across his face. He’s never been harsh, he’s never judged them once, his desire is to embrace, heal, and reveal to them his never ending love.

The father watches as the young women parade themselves half naked before the audiences of the world. He desires to cloth them with mercy, and share that what they believe to be love, is nothing more than a great deception and a terrible lie. A mans gaze, the worlds attention, the act of sex is nothing more, than a fleeting wind of emotions that soon vanish like a vapor, and will leave them broken, bare, and all alone.

The father watches as young men parade themselves and the world continues to cheer. The men pound their chests full of pride believing they are invincible, not knowing the one who told them this knew that he sold them a lie. The father desires to let the men know they are loved just for who they are, yet sadly, the men will pound their chests and drown their sorrows in alcohol till their lives come completely undone, never to experience the fathers rest.

A father sits broken hearted, wanting only the lost children’s best. He reaches out, they slap his hand, he calls them by name, they slap his face, and yet his love will never relent. His love runs far deeper than anyone could know, so deep in fact that it penetrates our spirits and our souls. A love so unimaginable, there are no words by which it can be described. A love so deep, powerful, and pure only a heart that’s been touched by his love can fathom it even exists.

The lost children march on completely ignorant of the fathers love. They curse and rebel believing that they are free, yet all the while they build the chains that will encage them for eternity. They believe they are pursuing a destiny, one that has tremendous gain. Yet the only destiny that awaits those who don’t turn, is filled with eternal pain. The torment they rush toward can easily be averted. The cost is to lose ones pride, turn and ask the fathers only son for forgiveness then embrace the loving father, the one that they deserted and denied.

A fathers heart breaks tonight, as he watches from his throne. His hope is that all will repent and turn to his only son, so that all can be welcomed into his home.

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