No God = No Love

The phrase of the day is “love is love” and that would seem only logical since man is man, woman is woman, dog is dog, cat is cat, and poop is… well you get the picture. So, if something is so logical, then why the need to say it over and over, unless there’s a desire to change the meaning of love.

Love has been around since before creation. How do I know? Have you ever watched a sunset? Have you ever looked up into the sky and noticed that as it’s rays begin to fade behind the horizon the sky is filled with various iridescent shades of pink, blue, lavender, orange and red? If not, you need to get out more. If you have, has there ever been a time that you’ve said, “what a lovely sunset”.
Have you ever looked up into a clear night sky and viewed all of the stars or attempted to count them? Have you ever seen an ugly sunset? Have you ever looked into the heavens on a clear night when all the stars and the moon are brightly shining and said, “man, that sky sucks.”? Why is that?

Could it be that the creator of everything desired all He created to be beautiful? Could it possibly be that before He even created it He felt love for His creation?

When you love someone, is it your custom to go to a landfill and pick out an entire pale of dirty, used diapers and give that as a gift for a birthday, anniversary, or perhaps Valentines Day? I’m just asking since the phrase that pays is “love is love”. Maybe that’s how you choose to award your “loved” one with an entire pale of used, nasty, baby diapers that are straight from the landfill. Do me a favor. Please, please, please, don’t “love” me, EVER!

The truth is, God is love. God, the creator of everything, was the first to love. Love deeply, love passionately, love unconditionally, yes you heard me, love unconditionally. Yet, when we say, “love is love” we make it conditional. In what way? We pervert the true meaning behind love.

Let’s stop skipping around the subject, shall we? Those who espouse “love is love” do so in the name of the LGBT community and in an attempt to pervert the definition of marriage. However, they fall far short of exemplifying what the true definition of love is and in doing so show themselves destitute of love and in need of a reminder of what true love looks like. Enter little ole me.

Have you ever been alone? I don’t mean after a bad break up or all your friends just left your place. I mean have you ever been all by yourself, and there was no one you could reach out too? If not, I encourage you to get away from things for a bit, clear your head. If so, how did you feel in that moment you knew you were all by yourself? Were you scared, depressed, or excited? I’m sure some of you would like more quiet times, but what I’m getting at is, have you ever felt alone?

If you have ever felt the drowning feeling of complete loneliness, then you have  experienced what an existence void of true love is like.

True love would never abandon you. True love would never stop desiring to be with you no matter your mood. True love would fight for you, true love would die for you, even on your worst of days. True love would look out for you, have your back, encourage you, and more than anything, true love desires your best in this life. That is what true love does, that’s what true love is all about. That’s why there is no other definition that can ever be equated to love except, God is love.

God is love because there is no one on this planet who would die for you.
God is love because there is no one who sees through your bitterness, anger, rage and condemnation and still desires to hold you and comfort you and take all those feelings away.
God is love because no one can imagine the brokenness of a child that comes from a single parent home and is able to take that child into His arms and give them the love and care they deserve.
God is love because no one knows the scares of those who are bullied except those who have suffered at the hands of the bully.
God is love because not only does He desire to gather all those who have been bullied into His arms. He also wants to gather all the bullies into His loving arms, and heal them from their brokenness and insecurities.
God is love because nothing and no one could ever take the insults society continuously pours onto Him and still, He loves, and waits patiently for one heart to turn.
God is love because there is no one alive, or has ever lived, that would willingly choose to send their only child to die an excruciating death, while being mocked, beaten, and finally crucified for the shear purpose of desiring an intimate relationship with His creation.

Since we have laid out the extents of God’s love, and the degree to which He loves, let me ask another question. Can someone who loves so deeply, so passionately, and so purely, ever allow anyone with a lesser degree of love into His presence?

Remember back in elementary school or high school where there was that cute girl or guy and you soooo wanted them to be your “girlfriend” or “boyfriend”? Back in my day we called it “going with each other.” We had no idea where we were going, but we were “going together”. And you asked them how they felt about you and they said, “I don’t like you”. Would you want to invite them to your birthday party? Of course not. You don’t want people at your party who don’t care about you or want to give you presents because they love you, right? I wouldn’t any way.

It’s the same principle with God. He loves, cares, and desires nothing but to have a deep intimate relationship with His creation. But the ground rules are we can’t have a relationship with Him, unless we love as deeply as He does. And since there is no way we could ever love to the depth that He does, we need help. We need lots and lots of help. And that’s why God sent His Only Son, Jesus.

Jesus demonstrated the love of the Father in this way, while we were still sinners, steeped in our selfish desires, He chose to become the penalty for our disobedience. No one who is disobedient can come into God’s presence, without there being a blood sacrifice. Either we can accept Jesus sacrifice, death, burial and resurrection for our disobedience, or we pay the penalty ourselves with our own blood and lives.

See, God doesn’t hate the homosexual. God doesn’t hate the liar. God doesn’t hate the adulterer. God doesn’t hate the thief. However, He calls ALL to REPENT.

Repentance means to have a change of mind and to turn physically from your current path and begin walking in the opposite direction.

Repentance means, if you are committing homosexual acts, or in a homosexual relationship,  you stop living that lifestyle. Ask Jesus for forgiveness. Accept by faith that He paid the price for your disobedience in full. And begin living a life pleasing to God in the design and purpose He created for you.

Repentance means, if you are a liar, fornicator, adulterer, thief, or bigot, that you stop. Ask Jesus for forgiveness. Accept by faith that He paid the price for your disobedience in full. And begin living a life pleasing to God in the design and purpose He created for you by walking in the opposite direction from the lifestyle you were living.

God is love. There are no substitutes, no fillers, no additives or preservatives that can take the place of a heart that’s been touched by the Living God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the eternal Father, the great I AM, very simply desires to give you the best in this life, but it comes on His terms, and why shouldn’t it.

After all,  GOD IS LOVE.

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