Millennials Are Leaving

So, today I stumbled across an article that had 5 churchy phrases that are driving Millennial's away from the church. And quite honestly I find that funny and very degrading. Funny because there are allot of different phrases out there that turn me off but none dictate what I will and won't do. I've heard … Continue reading Millennials Are Leaving

I’m BACK!!

I want to apologize for any confusion, but after some consideration I've decided will be my permanent blog site. However, I do encourage all of you to please check out Hope Distribution Studios.   Thank you for your patience and for following my blog.

U.S. Government on the Verge of Treason

It's time to take a stand my fellow Americans. It doesn't matter what race, gender or religion you are, it's time to take a stand. All elected officials must be held accountable because treason against our Constitution has been committed by the House of Representatives. Treason as defined by Merriam Webster's is: "the crime of … Continue reading U.S. Government on the Verge of Treason

Christian’s Should Embrace Their Hebrew Roots

Hello ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the first blog of 2016! I have to say that today's topic has been one that's been on my heart for quite some time. Pretty much all last year I wanted to blog about Christianity and it's Hebrew roots. I wanted to discuss how as followers of the Messiah … Continue reading Christian’s Should Embrace Their Hebrew Roots